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Digital Eye Strain

Are you facing eyestrain, headache or eye fatigue oftenly?

Digital Eye Strain is the discomfort felt in your eyes after looking at a mobile or computer screen for too long. It’s no surprise that eye strain is common among this generation who are glued to their screen all day long.

As Dr Andrew Huberman points out “If you frequently experience strained eyes or headaches, consider how much of your waking time is spent on looking at objects further than 10 feet away. Chances are you are forcing your visual system, eye, and face muscle to fatigue by close viewing.”


Here are some practical, science-based protocols from for offsetting nearsightedness and improving overall eye health.

Give your eyes a break, by looking at objects no less than 20 feet away, for no less than 90 minutes a day. This exercise supports lens elasticity, keeps the associated muscles strong and induces a feeling of relaxation. Remember to completely get rid of mobile or laptop while taking your break. It shouldn’t be like taking walks while looking at your phone, then in your car looking at your Google maps. Make sure your break is outdoor and has a screen time as minimum as zero.

Activities to do:

  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Football or any other sport

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