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Secret messages are not really secret

You might have come across or used any secret messenger like sarahah or askfm. We used services like these to get anonymous messages, confessions, and feedback from our favorite people. The unprecedented interest of people in such services has let many other service providers launch their platforms but security remains the first concern. Are these secondary platforms really secure?

A few days ago, we came across this new secret message receiver which is getting quite popular with people these days due to simple UI/UX.

While sending a message, we found out that we could read the messages of other person as well. This intrigued us and after a while, we found that we could read anyone’s messages. All you need is to change the “secret_user” ID and you will be able to read anyone’s messages.

We are sure the major secret message receiver services like sarahah will have security in place. But these trivial services which are getting quite popular with end users are vulnerable. Anyone over the internet can read your secret messages if you are using these insignificant services which have been brought to you through ads. A quick search on Tiwtter or Facebook will show you how people are using them on their “birthdays, special occasions, new year celebrations” without a second thought.

Takeaway: Use prime secret message receivers like sarahah or askfm who at least have some security controls in place. Avoid secretmessage[.]link and other minor services like this to stay safe and secure.

~ Be Internet Secure

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