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The ultimate need of cyber security

Internet, the ultimate connection of the people with each other to communicate and reach out each other in fraction of seconds. Although the internet network is the vital part of the government, industries, academia and individuals but at the same time it is the weakest link of any organization or individuals to be compromised by hackers and attackers to steal data and can flop any running network. As internet was firstly designed to connect different universities, but with the passage of time different organization had started connecting different sub organization to each other . And now internet is the network of about 3.39 billion people. IT researcher believe that by 2020 more than 50 billion of devices will be connected to internet. It simply the indication to the more threats. The more connection mean more attacks and more insecurity. So providing the strong security in this connected world will be the biggest challenge for the world. And high training and awareness of cyber security will be required to control the threats.

As the world is going digital and internet is the backbone of the government, industries, companies, universities, organization etc and one of the basic need of any individual. The great importance and usage of internet make us dependent on it. At the same time we are been attack for this weak attitude and dependency on it. The computer data for any organization is more valuable than money, employee and infra-structure. That’s why cyber attacks are more dangerous and critical than other cases. The chairman of IBM, Ginni Rometty had said once while addressing to the conference that: “Cyber crime is the greatest threat to any company in the digital world ”. It was absolutely right prediction by her. Now a days it’s the biggest threat to everyone. The increase in cyber attacks is going to lead into cyber war which is the more dangerous mood of war. As Warren Buffet had indicated it in previous years: “ The greatest problem to the world is cyber attacks which is more dangerous than nuclear attacks.” Nuclear attack can cause recoverable damage and specific group or community would be affected but cyber attacks will decimate the whole world and will cause destruction on mass area.

 Some shocking news and facts regarding cyber security are as follow:

1.64% of the world companies have experienced the web based attacks.
2.The most cyber attack is in the form of advare and ransomware.
3. 1988 the “word program” written by a college students and shutdown 10% of the computer which are connected to the internet at that time. This was just the beginning of the cyber attacks. Now the attacks are reportedly increase day by day. 
4. Large organization such as i cloud, sony, city bank, HB Gary, CIA, NASDAQ, VISA, Jet Blue etc had been attacked in the previous decade. 
5. One of the biggest cyber attacks has been taken place recently in 2017, which had affected 150 countries by a ransomare called “wanna cry.” 
6. The modification of the world to digital form has also grown up the cyber security market and expected to reach $1 trillion by 2021.
7) Ransomware is the biggest challenge to many of the develop countries like USA and 64% of the American are likely to pay for recovering their data.
8) Cisco has estimated that by 2019 there will 1.5 million empty cyber security jobs. It’s the clear indication towards the highness of the cyber crime. 
9) MY DOOM is considered is one of the most dangerous virus in cyber security history. It has been estimated that it had caused $38.5 billion of financial damage to different organization.
10) Every single day more than 600,000 accounts are being compromised. 

Moreover, world is becoming more digital day by day. Different technology such as Internet of things, virtualization, artificial intelligence, nano-technology, robotics and cloud computing are been emerging, which will transfer the world into complete digital era. The digital world with its ultimate benefits will also have the some unknown and malicious activities. In order to go with the flow and benefiting from the digital world, one must also be prepare themselves for the modern attacks and wars. Cyber war, although the most modified shape of the wars will prove itself more dangerous than nuclear wars. The era of the physical fights, nuclear or artillery, is going to be finished. Wars are no more limited to specific place and country. Its shifting to the field where no one safe. Its strongly need for nowadays to have knowledge for cyber security. One must have the basic info in order to secure themselves. Its time to educate ourselves for the modern and digital attacks. Becoming educated about threats and the best practice about it will make it quite harder for the attackers to attack on your data and take access of our systems. Let protect ourselves by becoming aware of the modern moods of attacks.

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