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Twitter-fication of our behaviours

You would have come across this viral video where a person with his arm sling approached these two old people pretending to need help and asked if they would open a bottle of water for him. But the two elderly people walked away without helping?

The internet went mad on these two elderly people and started bullying, abusing, and harassing them.

But wait a minute. Read this before you form an opinion.

Social media has pushed us to a small attention span, mindless scrolling, expressing ourselves in 140 characters, and many other attributes. It has made us do everything under X amount of characters and time which is a kind of twitter-fication of our world.

This attribute of twitter-fication is not limited only to expressing ourselves but liking, judging, hating, and loving. Our all characteristics have become under influence of Twitter-Fication. Everything on the internet we do, starts happening in X amount of time and words. Remember how “Pawri Horahi Hay” girl become a celebrity with a 5-second video? Whether it’s Saima Hussain Mir or Winking Girl, The Disappointed Guy meme, or ChaiWala Arshad khan, these all become internet sensations with a few-second video or a picture.

It takes us a few seconds to make someone a celebrity, a hero, or a star or turn them into a villain. You don’t need to work for 40 years to become a star rather all you need is just few second video. Similarly, this 5-second video has started the ultimate abuse, bullying, and harassment of these two elder people without having the whole picture. Let’s put the first thing first.

The video was filmed without their consent which is itself a crime. Plus his arm wasn’t damaged as it was a scripted social experiment. This means he didn’t need help really. Why would you abuse someone who has not helped a person who wasn’t in indeed of help rather he was just stunting and filming? Let alone this, he dares to preach kindness by harassing and invading other privacies. But our Twitter-Ficated behavior has led us to form an opinion within X seconds and turned them into a villains. These two elder people might be the best in their lives but what this ‘social media generation’ cares about is, those five seconds when they were not on their best behavior.

The second thing is in this fabricated and prank era of the internet, one would believe nothing. Remember that woman from TikTok who faked her husband’s death to gain sympathy? Remember that little cute kid who was struck off school because his father lost his job and is not able to submit the school fee? The video touched everyone deeply and gained sympathies worldwide, but turned out to be fake. This all happened due to twitter-fication where you were too quick to judge. In all these pranks and parody eras, even if someone starts dying in front of me, I would think a hundred times before helping them and maybe I choose not to help, because it may turn out as a prank in the end (who knows)

~ Be Internet Awesome

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