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What is Celebtron?

Do you know what a celebtron is? Let’s get to know

Celebrity worship is the extreme obsession and interest in random people on the internet who are famous. People tend to learn their habits and every minute detail of their favorite celebrity’s life. People may be ok with this until it starts affecting the masses.

In a recent study published by BMC Psychology, the research concluded that “Those people who are highly obsessed with celebrities, also had lower performances on their cognitive abilities.”

I am quoting some news headlines of one of the top news sources to understand the level of obsession people have:

“Hrithk Roshan followed Mahira Khan on Instagram”.

“Priyanka Chopra Finally Reveals Why She Removed ‘Jonas’ Surname From Social Media”

“Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Meer unfollowed each other on Instagram”.

Like seriously? This is also called celebrity worship syndrome. It’s a disorder where people’s lives revolve around celebrities while their social media posts consist of selfies with celebrities only. At Secure Purple, we call it Celebtron. (Derived from Electron whose work is to spin around the nucleus in the atom).

Find out if you are a Celebtron:

Do you put your self-respect at risk just to take a selfie or autograph from any random person who’s famous on the internet?

Do you start chanting for nothing and gather around if they appear before you?

Do you tend to know every single detail about them even if it’s pointless?

Do you constantly like, share, comment, post, subscribe, and follow them plus everything related to them?

Do you forget yourself, your opinions, moods, and thoughts and get drowned in the ones that celebrities have?

Does your life center around them? Meeting them, receiving a reply, a Facebook comment, or getting a like on your tweet from them has become your life goal.

Do you feel helpless and can’t stop yourself from knowing things that don’t concern you i.e their relationship, birthdays, opinions, vacations, breakups, family, parties, etc than the skill/reason they are famous for?

Unfortunately, you are a celebtron if you have four answers in YES. Celebtron are at risk of developing materialism, low self-esteem, narcissism, depression, dissociation, and anxiety. It directly affects your well-being and digital wellness negatively.

~ Be Internet Awesome

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